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2019 going, going, going ....Yikes! Spring is Here and a month old already!

SPRING is here and like the photo on this blog post it feels refreshing, cleansing and life renewing. As Creation is "springing" into renewed life after the winter's hiatus we too can begin anew! I know, many of you may be disappointed with failed resolutions that you started, convinced you would conquer your life's bad habits at the new year. But that is the greatest thing about this journey of life and can start NEW EVERY MORNING!

Some new an exciting things are in store for us this new year. Yup, I mean all of us!

We can't always change our overall circumstances immediately, and in some cases never, BUT we can make small changes in our own life (body, mind and soul) that will impact how we feel, how we react to others and especially how we react to others who treat us badly. We can change who we are today and tomorrow. We can't change other people, but sometimes (almost always) we can change something about ourselves. It may be something as small as eating a little healthier, taking out 15-20 minutes out of the day to do something for ourselves (listen to our favorite music, experience nature's beauty, rest in get the idea.) When we take a little bit of time to care for ourselves, we can usually care for and deal with others much better. Sometimes I feel like I need a whole morning or afternoon, a whole day, a whole week to refresh, but that usually never presents itself when I really need it! So, I have been trying to carve out 15-20 minutes of pure, guiltless, selfish "me time" each day! If each day seems impossible try a few days a week. Notice how you feel afterwards. Let me show you a page into my own journey. I have finally begun to take more time to work on my aromatherapy certification. I am learning so much and for me, this has become my "me time" because it is something I am passionate about.

Maybe for you, it could be reading a book, planting a small or big garden (even a small kitchen herb garden). These things can be your "me time." Pick something you really enjoy or want to learn more about. Maybe if the book or time involves gardening, healthy cooking, catching up with a friend that you haven't spoken to in awhile (you know...the person who knows most of your flaws and loves you anyway), you won't feel as "guilty" for taking the time your body, soul and mind needs to stay healthy. Maybe? NO Maybe...Just Make Time!

Whoa...have I reminded you to drink water yet? I am actually one of those people who enjoy drinking water. I do have the added pleasure of owning our own well, out in the country (we do make sure it has an ultraviolet light source that is always working to help keep the nasties away) that just screams fresh water but sometimes I add a lemon, lime, strawberries, blueberries, etc. to the water to give it a little extra flavor. As a massage therapist and health coach I know how important it is to keep hydrated. Our skin, hair, cells and muscles (especially that large one called the heart!) will thank us. And, it can help us to not feel as hungry in between meals and healthy snacks.

Exercise? No, I didn't forget, but I also have learned that finding something you enjoy doing helps people exercise more consistently. I like walking. But in the country, the roads don't have sidewalks and if I have to drive someplace to walk, I can usually find a reason not too, unless I meet up with a friend or ask my hubby to come along. I have found this new, fun "Boxing Reflex Ball!" look silly using it but it is very fun. You strap a headband on that has an elastic string with a ball attached to it and you box away at the ball. I do this while "marching" in place listening to my favorite podcast or marching around the house. It is great for hand/eye coordination and my Fitbit records my steps and in no time I have 10,000 steps. I have podcasts I subscribe to and listening to them while I am getting some exercise helps me not feel guilty about not dusting, vacuuming, or catching up on my business paperwork. There is that guilt thing again. Why do we have to rationalize about taking care of our bodies by eating healthier, resting or exercising? I am so sure that answering that question is out of my "scope of practice" for any licenses and/or certifications I possess.

So, I leave you all now with prayers that you all spring into SPRING with a renewed faith in your ability to change the little things that will reap great rewards down the path leading to all of your Life and Health Journeys. See what I did there. Don't forget to peruse my website and a small cliffhanger until the next blog post...videos may be coming soon. Happy Spring. Summer isn't far behind!

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