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MIA: Where did 2018 go? "Crazy Train?"

I am sorry that this Blogger has been MIA (Missing in Action) for most of the 2018 calendar year. A lot has happened but this is no excuse. However, it is all that I've got! You would think that now that my husband and I have begun our 'empty nest' years, life would be less hectic. True, some of our children are in college and not truly out on their own yet, but you would think there would be more time to focus on me. Not so much. Somehow I manage to find just as many things to fill my schedule that just replaces the more kid focused ones of the past years. How about you? Are you still on the 'crazy train' of raising kids, helping with grandchildren or aging parents, a budding career that leaves little time for you, retirement that needs to have purpose, or any other life activities that seem to overwhelm your life?

This past year has found me with a few extra pounds (okay more than a few) creeping on and not just disappearing on their own. How dare they? Of course some would say, why even think about taking those pounds off before all the Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, and New Year celebrations, just to name a few, loom ahead to defeat us once more? Well, I am an eternal optimist. Maybe this year I will get it all together and finally set up an exercise routine and new healthy, balanced diet that I can stick to and score a victory for 2019! Okay, stop laughing! But, I mention this because you are not alone. Life gets busy and taking care of yourself usually gets shelved along with a whole lot of other "clutter." Speaking of body clutter...wait, were we?

Body Clutter is the worst! "Body Clutter" is a concept I learned from "Fly Lady." So, I can't take credit for the word or the concept. But, it has helped me. Please check out her website link for Body Clutter

and her home page for all the other clutter in your life!

The point of today's blog is to help us all get back on track without feeling guilty for past inconsistency or outright failure in the exercise and healthy diet category of our lives. If the truth be told, we really can't separate our health journeys from our life journeys. Departmentalizing the two of them is a sure way to have the "crazy train" come to a halting stop! I have decided to love myself enough to be comfortable with a "do-over" in this area of my life. I plan to do this with small and simple changes that will add up to BIG rewards for my present "life and health journeys" goals. The destination may be far ahead down the road of success, but the present is doable now. Here are the small things I plan to do to begin my "do-over". These may or may not all work for you and some you may have to alter to fit your schedule, but it never hurts to try.

1. Spend at least 30 minutes in Prayer/Devotions/Meditation/Quietness

2. Spend 15-30 minutes daily exercise (this can include aerobic/yoga/tai chi/free weights, etc.)

3. Drink Water! (64oz if possible) This is so good for the skin, body and muscles!

4. Plan out my menus with healthy snacks included. I know I will snack, so I will plan for it!

5. Plan time with family and friends. This is too, too important to skip! Put it on your calendar!

Remember we are trying to kick start a "do-over." Don't try too much too soon. BUT, if you already have a routine you are happy with, then kick it up a notch or try something new. Join me as I start, or at least have the plan ready for January 1, 2019 (because life happens, especially around the holidays) so we can check back at the end of 2019 and have success stories to share! I may have been a MIA Blogger in 2018, and to tell you the truth my life and health journey has suffered because of it, but helping you all stay on "track" in 2019 will hopefully hold me accountable to do the same. Let's all get off our "crazy trains" and work toward a more peaceful, balanced life and health journey. The track and destination knows no bounds!

God Bless All of You,

Jewel L. Mack, LMT, CHC, (aspiring certified aromatherapist)

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