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  • Jewel Mack

Wait!...Jump Back Out...and Bounce Somewhere Else!

Just when I get used to the idea of taking the plunge into a new adventure...God says Wait! Buts that's okay because who am I to argue with God? Although I believe that God opened my eyes to the previous opportunity, it may have been to teach me that this is not the right time, but the idea should be nurtured for future consideration. I technically could have still plunged in, but I have learned a bit about myself in this Life's Journey and the plunge may have been more than I was ready for at this time. But no worries. A new opportunity called to me...literally...when the owner of a local Physical Therapy and Sport's Rehab establishment phoned me and asked if I would be willing to re-establish his massage therapy program. I had worked with him as a Massage Therapist (Independent Contractor) and for him as a Physical Therapy Rehab Technician many years ago. And here he was, phoning me to ask if I was in the market for starting up as an Independent Contractor for his massage therapy program, which had recently been put on hold due to the need for a massage therapist. Are you ready for the best part? His phone call message to me was less than a week after the other opportunity to rent my own space was crippled with complications that made taking that step a risk I was no longer willing to take!

Amazing? Yes! Coincidence? No Way! Like I said in my last Blog is full of changes. Some come closer together than others! Can that be stressful and disconcerting? It is for this girl! The older I get (let's not go there right now), the more I like life to be structured and steady. I have ALWAYS been more of a Tortoise than a Hare. But in this phase of my Prime Timer Life, life at the "Speed of Tortoise" is even more welcomed. And a quick reminder...the Tortoise won the Race! LOL I also need to remember that for me, that doesn't mean I'm not willing to try new and exciting things, it just means I choose to try them by going a little bit slower and steadier. How about you? Are you a Tortoise or a Hare or maybe someone in between? If you would like some help on your Journey through Life and Health, check out my website, email or call me and we can begin navigating the journey together. Embrace who you are no matter where you are on your journey and make the decisions necessary to be an even better you. I would like to think that a more 'Wiser Me' will make better decisions based on who I am and where I am in this Journey of Life and Health..."Pursued by Mere Mortals...Ordained by God!"

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