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  • Jewel Mack

Close your eyes...NOW, jump in!

The title for this new post reflects my feelings right now! I have been given a wonderful opportunity

to "Jump In" to a new leg in my own personal life journey. For the last couple months, I have been a Licensed Massage Therapist (as an independent contractor) for a wonderful business woman. It has become necessary for her to move away from the area and closer to her husband's employment. So, this allows me the exciting privilege of expanding my Life and Health Journeys, LLC business. With the added space this location provides, I can pursue my passion to help others grow in their life and health journey by not only offering Massage Therapy, but Health Coaching and Aromatherapy as well.

However, I am in the "Close your eyes...NOW, jump in!" stage of this new and exciting opportunity. Let me share a little secret with you. I am not a spontaneous, risk taking type of person. On the contrary, I can mull over a decision, make the lists of pros and cons, mull over them again, ask advise from others, mull over their advise...well, you get the idea! I don't procrastinate exactly, more just hover over the idea until sometimes the window of opportunity closes.

I strongly believe that God opened this window for me, and wants me to trust Him with the details. I don't believe in coincidence and too many things had to fall into place in a very short time span of three months for this to be anything else but His Providence. So, here is to closing my eyes and jumping in!

This "Close my eyes...NOW, jump in!" event in my life has reminded me that life changes in a blink of an eye. Sometimes, unfortunately this can be because of tragic events in our lives...but sometimes the change comes due to Blessings that come our way. The point is full of changes. When we make the decision to pay closer attention to our life and health journey and find proactive ways to walk along that journeys' path, we grow in so many ways. Whether that growth comes through physical, emotional, intellectual, social or spiritual ways (or all of the above) the better we navigate that journey, the more fulfilled we will feel. Growing things takes time, effort and loving care. Be kind to yourself. Let others be kind to you. If need be, start with baby steps...but then, "close your eyes...NOW, jump in!"

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