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First Things First!

Glasses of Water

Although, I will be sharing my experiences and "learned along the way" items with you in this Blog, I will also be sharing links from experts in the field so you can easily find the resources I use(d) and learn about that subject in more detail. I will make every attempt to only link you to reputable resources, but please be diligent about any information you read. If it doesn't "feel" right, keep searching on your own.

Now that you have decided that you want to enter/renew your journey toward a better life with better health, we need to think about First Things First! Your journey to where you are now has been shaped by many things. Family, Culture, Experiences have all contributed to who you have become today. However, much of this is not 'set in stone' and you have the ability to make changes (even small ones) that can help you "RESTART" your life, or maybe just be inspired to enhance it. Making changes means looking carefully and even sometimes critically but MOSTLY objectively at what you are/are not doing up to this point. Like I said in my last post, don't beat yourself up, just take a look and maybe even write down all the things you like about what you are doing and a list of one or two things you would like to change. Please don't overwhelm yourself by making a long "I'm not doing this well enough!" list. Change takes time, so be kind to yourself.

To help you get started, I will be addressing some changes you may want to start thinking about that are small AND inexpensive to implement. Today's post is about drinking enough Water! Water is essential and definitely at the top of the list for First Things First!

Did you know that that adult body is made of up to 60% water? You may have heard that before, but what does this mean for your health? Check out the link below for an awesome perspective!

Next, grab a fun water bottle and make sure you make a concerted effort to get your required intake of water each day! Have trouble keeping track of how much you drink...there are apps for that! Download one on your mobile device today and start drinking water today!

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