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Contact me about starting a health coaching class by emailing or calling me today! Classes come in all sizes. One on one, small or large groups, or family only classes are available. There are health coach classes for families/caregivers of children called L.E.A.N. Start. Classes that focus on those who are pregnant or are preparing their bodies for pregnancy are available. I have classes for those individuals 40 and older called Prime Time Health who are just entering this new phase in their life or are already well into their golden years but want to keep going strong or get stronger!  We can also have ZOOM classes for those who may find it difficult to travel or have time restrictions due to a busy schedule. Online health coaching classes that can be completed at home may be available in the future.

Also consider adding aromatherapy into your life. Contact me for any questions you may have regarding health coaching and/or aromatherapy.




Thank you for stopping by my website. Please take some time to browse through each page to learn more about me and to read the valuable information listed within.

Learn about the benefits of having a health coach to help guide you toward a healthier you. Read about how aromatherapy may help you to live a healthier, more stress free life, by freeing your home of synthetic chemicals.




Learning about life and how to stay healthy is an ongoing journey!  No one is too old or too young to learn the joys of forging a new path to a healthier, more fulfilling life. Knowledge and experiences, old and new, can be powerful tools, but they need to be used with thoughtfulness and care. How each of us got to this point on our life's path may be different, but we all have the ability to start a new  journey or reinvent an interrupted one. And if your journey is filled with twists and turns along the way, take heart, it might lead to a better destination than you ever thought possible.  I believe that the path to  Life and Health is a Journey pursued by Mere Mortals but Ordained by God...Embrace the Journey!



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